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A nice interview with Sarah Morgan, the Writer


Sono molto felice, orgogliosa ed entusiasta di questo post.
Ebbene si, il blog L’Angolo di Key diventa internazionale grazie all’intervista con una della scrittrici più amate del mondo. Una autrice da oltre 11 milioni di copie vendute.
Lei è Sarah Morgan.

Sarah Morgan photo

Inglese, due volte vincitrice del RITA Award per i Romance Writers of America, Sarah è molto attiva sui social specialmente Twitter e Instagram. Proprio su questo nuovo mezzo di comunicazione ci siamo “conosciute” e ci seguiamo!
Devo dire la verità, anche se fuori stagione sto leggendo uno dei suoi ultimi libri “Accade a Natale” (Harlequin  Mondadori). Sarà che ha tutti gli ingredienti che mi piacciono, la neve, lo sci , gli affari e il romanticismo, ma questo libro – che mi è stato regalato a Natale, per l’appunto – mi piace un sacco. E mi piace lei, l’autrice. Una donna piena di vitalità, creatività e fantasia, legata alla famiglia e con una grande passione per il suo lavoro. Sarah Morgan è davvero “tosta”: una che ha il proprio ufficio in giardino vince su tutto!

Ecco, quindi, la mia intervista alla mitica Sarah Morgan in Inglese.

Dear Sarah, I’m reading your book “Accade a Natale”. I like it so much! It’s not Christmas time, I Know, but this book is a lovely gift and I care it a lot.
Tell me something about you.  Can you describe yourself?
“Hello! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying “Accade a Natale” because I had so much fun writing that story and I think I was a little in love with Tyler (don’t tell my husband!). As for me, I live near London, England with my family. I’m married with two sons, who keep me busy! Because much of my work life is spent indoors, I like to be outdoors whenever I can. With my family I enjoy hiking and mountain biking. Also movies and music and we love to travel. That’s often where I get ideas for my books.”

When did you discover this great talent for writing?
“Thank you for the compliment! I always wanted to write, even as a child, but the first time I finished a whole manuscript and sent it to Harlequin was a big moment for me. I knew that if I could finish a book (that is often the hard part!) I would be able to do it again. It was an exciting moment for me.”

Your Romances are very exciting and sweet, for the stories and the location you choose. I love snow and skiing so much. Not only snow and Xmas but also New York is one of you inspiration. Why an English writer tells about the Big Apple?
“Over the years I have written about many different places and set my books all over the world. I love the mountains and snow, but I also enjoy visiting cities and New York is a favourite of mine. I’ve been there both for business and with my family, and each time I have loved it. It’s such an exciting city and each time I step out of the cab onto the streets of Manhattan, I feel as if I’m on a movie set. It made sense to set a book there.”

Your skill is also writing very well about each character of your books. He can become itself the protagonist. Perfect witty dialogues, fast and never banal. You have also received many reviews from major newspapers like the New York Times, for example. What is your greatest satisfaction so far?
“My biggest satisfaction is always receiving kind emails from readers, and also the many messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (I love social media!). For me, there is nothing better than hearing that a reader loved one of my books. I’m also very proud to have won two RITA Awards from the Romance Writers of America.”

How much of you and your lifestyle is in your books?
“A little. I take snippets – for example my love of snow, but also cities! – and I am influenced by my own life experience and that of my friends, but really it is all fiction. All made up!”

All-improvviso-la-scorsa-estate-sarah-morgan mentre fuori nevica Accade-a-Natale_hm_cover_big

We talk about the book I’m reading “It happened at Christmas.” It’s the third book of a trilogy.  Three books about  the O’Neil brothers and Snow Crystal, their family’s resort  in Vermont. In my opinion, it’s an ideal plot for a  Christmas TV series, what do you think about it?
“I would love to see it made into a film or TV series. That would be so exciting! So many of my readers have already made suggestions for the casting :) ”

How long it takes to write a book?
“It does vary, but I try and allow myself four months. Sometimes it is a little quicker, but sometimes a book may take longer. The time balances out. I don’t send it until the book is right, no matter how long it takes.”

You are a woman who works by smart working, you can write at home or everywhere. How can you organize your day between your family and job?
“My children are older now so it’s much easier to organize my day. I have an office in my garden, which makes it simpler to have protected writing time. In theory, when I leave my office I leave the work behind, but being a writer it never works like that because you take the stories with you!”

How to choose the stories to tell? Where do you find your inspiration?
“Inspiration is everywhere. I find it in snatches of conversation overheard, in articles I’ve read, or TV programmes I’ve watched. I think a writer’s brain works in a certain way. You are always looking for ideas!”

In one of your interviews I read that you know Florence, one of the most beautiful Italian cities. What else about my country? Do you like Italy? Could Italy’s landscape inspire you for a new Novel?
“I have only visited Italy a few times, but I have always loved it so much. It is a beautiful country and I would love to see more of it! I enjoyed Florence very much, and I have also visited Venice once and the mountains. I would love to spend more time there.”

What’s your next book?
“Right now I’m finishing off the third book in my brand new series set in New York. It’s called “Miracle on 5th Avenue” and it will be out in the USA and UK later this year. I hope my Italian publisher will be translating it for my Italian readers.”

So, we are waiting for you!
Thank’s of all, Sarah.
“Thank you so much for having me! A big thank you and love to all my wonderful Italian readers. You are all so kind and supportive.”

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